Once you have your website built, and have a web hosting account you want to put it in, you can proceed to upload your website for everyone on the internet to see. How you go about doing this depends on what software program(s) you used to build your website. This article explains the two most popular ways to upload your website to your hosting account.

Typical uploading method

The typical way to upload your website (which is actually a collection of files and folders) to your hosting account is to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. An FTP program simply provides you with an easy way to select files on your computer's hard drive, and copy them over to your hosting account (which is essentially another computer). An FTP program will typically have two main "windows": one that shows the files and folders located on your computer, and one that shows the files and folders in your hosting account on the server. To upload your webpages (or website's files) and other associated image files to your hosting account, you have to select the files and folders you want to upload from your computer in your computer window, and then "drag and drop" them over to the server window, essentially copying them to the server (and more specifically, to your web hosting account).

That is a very simplistic explanation of how to use an FTP program to copy files from your computer to the web hosting server. You can actually use an FTP program to copy files from ANY computer, to ANY OTHER computer, provided you have access to both machines. One of the most popular FTP programs is WS_FTP by ipswitch (www.ipswitch.com). We have put together several support tutorials on using WS_FTP.... Click here if you would like to watch our WS_FTP tutorials.

Using an FTP program is the best (and easiest) way to get files uploaded to your web hosting account, no matter what program(s) you use to create your website..... with one exception: Microsoft Frontpage.

Uploading with Microsoft Frontpage

If you use FrontPage to build your website, then you do not need an FTP program. In fact, you should not use an FTP program because FrontPage works a little differently than most other website design software. Instead, you will need the FrontPage Server Extensions installed in your hosting account (if you need these, we provide them free of charge), and you will use FrontPage's integrated "Publish" feature (click here for more information on Microsoft Frontpage) instead of an FTP program. Just because FrontPage is different, doesn't mean it's better or worse than any other publishing method.... but FrontPage is probably the most popular website design software in use today, mainly for it's ease of use, and similar look and feel to Microsoft's other highly popular software titles like Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

To upload (or "publish" to use Microsoft's terminology) your FrontPage-built website to your hosting account, first make sure the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed. Then, simply click the "Publish" button, and enter http://www.yourcompany.com. You will then be prompted for your username and password (which you get from your web hosting provider.... if you order a HostedToday web hosting account, we'll email your username and password to you once your account is setup). Once you enter those, your website's files and folders will all be copied (or uploaded, or published) to your hosting account, and immediately available for the world to see.

For more detailed explanations on performing certain functions with Microsoft Frontpage, click here to take a look at the support tutorials we've put together.



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